JewelSoft Converter

JewelSoft Converter 1.0

No more counting, no more searching for the different measures....

No more counting, no more searching for the different measures. We offer you our latest product JewelSoft Converter. It is a great conversion tool for Pocket PC.

Robust support for a wide variety of conversions. About 1100 measures divided in 18 different categories. You also have an option to make your favorites folder with the measures you use most.

Configurations are saved so that you can control how JewelSoft Converter starts upIncludes:Double precision floating point math Cut, Copy and Paste Editing Functions Favourites convertions - recently used conversion list allows quick and easy selection of most often used conversions Auto calculation for easy useCalculator - an easy way to calculate your staff before convert them from one mesure to anotherWith the folowing categories:AnglesAreaAstronomicBitsBytesCookingDensityElectric CapacitetsEnergyForceFuel ConsumationLength and DistanceMassPowerPressureSpeedTopographyVolumeWater WeightAnd the prefered categories used for storing the most used mesures Prefered Length and Distance Prefered MassPrefered PressurePrefered Volume.